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Soft medium coffin nail tips are used to decorate coffins. Since regular nail heads can be seen through the body of the deceased person, soft coffin nails were traditionally used for this purpose instead. The thick tip of a soft nail keeps it from showing through the body’s exterior skin tone like a regular nail would do so.

Consequently, traditional funeral directors will apply several layers of soft coffin nails to create a 3D effect on a dead person’s exterior shell.

Afterward, the outermost layers of soft tips are filed off so that regular nail tips can be applied to hold the lid down tight on the inside of the casket lid.

500 PCS High Quality Medium Coffin Shape Gel Nail Tips

500 PCS High Quality Soft Long Coffin Nail Tips

500 PCS High Quality Soft Long Coffin Nail Tips

What features of this fake coffin tip nails

  • Pre-polish, save time and stay firmer: This soft gel nail tip has a half-brushed finish. You no longer need to file the inside of your nail tip. The pre-polished design allows the nail tips to better bond with the gel nail glue and avoid falling off. This innovative design is a real time saver and can last up to 4 weeks with proper use.
  • Soft Gel and No Cracks: This coffin nail is made of soft gel material. After bending, it can be restored to its original state without traces and cracks. Gel nail tips are brighter and softer than ABS material. They are softer, more natural and more comfortable.
  • Soak and Easy Removal: Our gel nail tips are soaked for easy removal without damaging your nail bed. They dissolve in acetone in 3-5 minutes, so you can change your manicure at will.
    Preformed Nails: This tip is preformed and ready to go. These innovative nail extensions offer a lightweight, easy-to-apply, and time-saving alternative to traditional nail enhancements.
  • Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, parties, outfits, parties and dates and more.
  • Various sizes: 500 long coffin nails in 10 different sizes of 50 each. They fit most fingers. According to the numbers 0-9 on the box, you can easily trim and shape your own nail length and size.



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